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The most serious crimes in Washington State are called class A felonies. Class A felonies in Whatcom County are punishable by up to life in prison, a fine of up to $50,000, or both a fine and imprisonment (RCW 9A.20.021, 10.95.020).

A class C felony in Washington is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment, a fine of up to $10,000, or both. (RCW 9A.20.021) Third degree assault of a child is a class C felony.

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I have represented clients in a wide range of felonies, from felony assaults, DUIs, drugs, thefts, alludes and white collar crimes. When we meet with prospective clients it is important for us to know as much as possible about you - the person - not simply you - the defendant. We understand that your life may have had some missteps and that one alleged bad act does not make a bad person. Understanding you as a person is a critical piece to negotiating your case with the State. Collectively we take a careful, methodical and thorough approach to defense work. We attempt every angle to facilitate better outcomes and acceptable offers for our clients. As a result we work harder than most attorneys in Whatcom County and our reputation as one of the hardest working law firms in Washington is well earned. Let us work hard for you!



We reach the end of the year 2016 with the knowledge that many of the changes in felony criminal practice in Whatcom County in 2016 will give way to new procedures and practices in 2017. We embrace the challenges and look forward to some positive moves in Whatcom County Superior Court. Most recently Gov. Inslee promised to extend clemency, not death to a Bellingham man guilty of murdering his girlfriend's daughter. More on that to come but an illustration of the fluidity of local felony law.

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The Criminal Defense attorneys at our law firm help you through the process from beginning to end. We are here to assist you and represent you the best way possible. We take pride in our high success rate and seek to maintain that with each unique case that crosses our desks. We will aggressively negotiate with the prosecuting attorneys to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Your future is important to you and to us. More immediate assistance and a free consultation, please call my office to discuss your Felony case in Whatcom County. Consultations are private, free and helpful. Call today at (360) 734-3847.

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Our office is located in the heart of the legal community in Whatcom County. Less than two blocks from the Court, our access to both the Whatcom County Superior Court and the Whatcom County Prosecutor's office gives us a distinct advantage over other attorneys in other jurisdictions. However, we have never been only local attorneys as I have garnered 20 years of experience in Superior Courts (felony courts) in seven different counties, including most notably, Whatcom County Felony cases.

A felony conviction may seriously affect your future and put your life on hold. A Whatcom County felony conviction may cause the loss of employment and many years in jail. There is clearly much at stake - your future and your family's future. There is absolutely no time to waste. Contact one of Whatcom County's most experience criminal defense attorney's today.  I have been practicing felony criminal defense since 1998 and have experience as a felony criminal defense lawyer in seven different counties. I have saved people from prison, from felony convictions, and from a life that had no future. I can help you immediately. If you have been arrested or charged with a felony or, are being investigated for a crime in Whatcom County, please give my office a call.

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A Class B felony conviction may result in a prison term of up to ten years, a fine of up to $20,000, or both. (RCW 9A.20.021)   Theft of property (other than a firearm or motor vehicle) worth more than $5,000 is a class B felony.

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