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One of the most concerning by products of an arrest for DUI in Skagit County is the potential licensing consequences. The Department of Licensing is another governmental entity that has tremendous power combined with absolutely no sympathy. Contesting the license suspension starts with submitting the DOL Hearing Request form within 20 days of your arrest for DUI. Following your application submission you will receive notice from the DOL with two weeks and a notice of the date and time of the hearing.  The hearing is not for the faint at heart and you must rely heavily on your Skagit County DUI lawyer to win the hearing.  Should you lose the hearing you will suffer a loss of license.  If this occurs you will be able to apply for an Ignition Interlock License and continue to drive lawfully!

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If you have been accused of drunk driving in Skagit County, Washington, call Skagit County DUI lawyer David N. Jolly today to receive the best help in your defense.

In Washington State a driver can be arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and later charged with DUI without much evidence.  Suspicion alone of the crime alone is enough to quantify the arrest in the eyes of law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys.  If there is a breath or blood sample and the individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above 0.08% the driver will not only face court but also the Department of Licensing administrative process designed to suspend driving privileges.  However, even if your BAC is under 0.08% and the Skagit County law enforcement officer believes you are too impaired to drive or alternatively, if the office believes you are under the influence of marijuana you will be arrested and charged with DUI.  Either way, a DUI is a serious charge which can result in harsh, immediate penalties and potentially life changing consequences. In order for a motorist to give themselves the best chance for a positive case outcome, they need to retain an experienced Skagit County DUI lawyer.

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About Mount Vernon DUI Lawyer David N. Jolly

Defending your DUI starts here!  David N. Jolly is a Skagit County DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer who handles drunk driving cases in Mount Vernon, Washington and Skagit County.  DUI Attorney David N. Jolly is also the author of 20 DUI and Traffic books and posses the knowledge to mount an aggressive Criminal Defense in your case.  Resolving Washington DUI cases in court following an arrest for driving under the influence is a complicated and often overwhelming task.  Such a job should not be left to amateurs or inexperienced lawyers, particularly if your freedom and future are on the line.  Drunk driving is a serious charge and Washington State courts have consequences that are severe and life altering. To successfully challenge your case, you need the help of Skagit County DUI Attorney David N. Jolly and his team of qualified staff.

There are many attorneys who claim to provide good legal counsel for a DUI in Skagit County but we believe, none are as knowledgeable and current on the DUI laws as we are. We offer competitive and affordable rates with flexible payment . We also offer many complimentary services such as a free copy of the Skagit County DUI Handbook, and other free handouts that inform and protect the individual charged with driving under the influence. Once retained, every client's cases is thoroughly reviewed to determine legal issues and defenses that ultimately construct a thoughtful and successful defense strategy.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation. We would love to discuss your case with you and assist you with your legal needs. We know mistakes happen and this was likely the case when you were arrested for DUI. 

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Skagit County has a rather unique system that requires essentially two "first" appearances. The first court appearance, which may be the day following your arrest for DUI, is to determine if the Court has jurisdiction and to set specific conditions of your release - or in the worst of situations, take you into custody.  This court appearance in Skagit County is called a "preliminary" court appearance. The second court appearance, usually two weeks later, is your formal arraignment.  You must appear at both unless you have already hired a Skagit County DUI attorney.  If you have retained an experienced Skagit County DUI defense lawyer for your first court your counsel will request the court combine both court appearances so you need only appearance once.

Being arrested for DUI in Skagit County results in an immediate court date.  Within only a day or two of your release from custody you will be expected to appear in Skagit County District Court.  The same is true if you were arrested in one of Skagit County's cities such asMount Vernon, Burlington, Sedro Woolley or Anacortes.  The benefit of hiring our law firm is not simply that you have hired experienced and competent Skagit County lawyers, but you are hiring attorneys who can react quickly to your urgent needs.  We have three DUI attorneys have can appear in Skagit County at a moments notice.  We take and return phone calls on weekends and are available to help you in court on Monday, should you be arrested over the weekend.  We also offer flexible payments plans, competitive pricing, and a low retainer so you can afford to hire us quickly.  Most importantly, when you hire one of ourSkagit County DUI Defense lawyers you can trust you have given yourself the very best chance of doing well in court.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly understand Washington DUI laws and he know how to use both these laws and the legal process to defend their clients.  They will protect your rights and work towards a dismissal or reduction of your DUI charges.  
Because of the required and necessary immediate appearance in court you must very quickly speak to a Skagit County DUI Attorney.  Call us today for a free consultation.

David N. Jolly is a graduate of the University of Calgary and he received his law degree from the Northern Illinois University College of Law. DUI Lawyer David N. Jolly is a member of the State Bar and the National College of DUI Defense,  a sustaining member of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the author of 20 DUI and Traffic Books.

Most recently David Jolly has authored the Marijuana DUI Handbook, the first marijuana DUI book in the United States.  If you have been charged with DUI in Skagit County please call the Law Firm of David N. Jolly for an immediate and free consultation.  Their Skagit County criminal defense law firm is here to help and available 24/7.


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A DUI arrest in Skagit means immediate Court. Preparation starts now!


Consequences of a Washington DUI

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The primary goal of your Skagit County criminal defense lawyer is to have your DUI charge reduced or even dismissed.  However, short of a dismissal you can expect to have to complete certain requirements regardless of the outcome.  Knowing this it would be to your advantage to understand and more importantly undertake some of the expected requirements of you as soon as you are able following your first court appearance in Skagit County Court.

To get help with your Washington DUI, contact
Skagit County DUI criminal Defense Lawyer David N. Jolly by calling (360) 336-8722.  The initial review of your case is free and confidential.

Skagit County Ignition Interlock Device

You may be required to install an Ignition Interlock immediately!

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An arrest for a crime in Skagit County will most likely find you in court within days of the date of violation. The importance of experienced legal counsel cannot be over-emphasized. Local criminal defense attorneys who have knowledge of Skagit County's unique court rules and practices can help you prepare for the unexpected, because to a local lawyer, there is no unexpected. You may even be able to waive your appearance at the first court date.

NOTE: The NEW 2017 Skagit County DUI Handbook is here - download below.

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If you are convicted for a DUI offense in the State of Washington, even if this is your first, the consequences include paying fines up to $5,000, installing an ignition interlock device, purchasing SR 22 insurance, losing your driver’s license for no less than 90 days, compulsory alcohol evaluation, an alcohol awareness class or treatment, a DUI victim panel and mandatory jail.  Worse yet, having a criminal record could impact your ability to find or keep a job and even your ability to travel or move to another State.  These potential problems are too serious to ignore. To get help protecting your future, contact Skagit County DUI Defense Attorney David N. Jolly now.

  • You may appear in Skagit County Court the day following your arrest for driving under the influence
  • Your first appearance is called a "preliminary" appearance
  • The Judge will set conditions of your release at the first court appearance
  • ​The Judge will Order an ignition interlock if you have a prior arrest for DUI
  • The Judge may Order you be immediately placed on probation
  • Your DUI arraignment will occur two weeks after the first hearing, unless you have a Skagit County DUI Lawyer then, the court dates are combined.

The most recent news affects those on pretrial probation in Skagit County. In a recent case, Blomstrom v. Tripp, the Court stated that urinalysis testing during pretrial probation is unlawful! Still be smart and follow all Court Orders as Probation has tremendous influence on the court. 

defendant obligations in a skagit county dui case

An alcohol and drug evaluation is the first of these obligations.  The first thing to understand is that not every treatment center is created equally. There are a few that are credible, trustworthy and fair but unfortunately many more that are not.  This is an area where you should heavily rely on your Skagit County DUI Defense attorney.  Your counsel will have undoubtedly worked with many treatment centers over the years and have developed a faith in a selected few.  There is a detailed list of the treatment centers and other important DUI links found on our Skagit County contact page.  The evaluation process will determine if you are in need of alcohol or drug treatment or alternatively, based on a low BAC and lack of any criminal history you may be required to complete the Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS class).  Equally important is understanding what is required to successfully complete the alcohol drug evaluation.  The treatment centers used a fairly standardized set of questions and knowing how to answer these questions may be the difference between having to do one class or six months of treatment.  These questions can be found on the alcohol drug evaluation preparation page.

In addition to the evaluation and the recommended course of treatment, you must also attend one session of the DUI Victim Impact panel.  In Skagit County you can either complete the DUI Victim Panel prior to the completion of your case, which is recommended, or wait until the case has been completed.  Generally the local Judges are less concerned about the timing of the DUI Victim Panel than they are the alcohol evaluation.   If you wait until the conclusion of your case the Court will schedule the DUI Victim Panel for you and you'll need to then complete the panel within a limited period of time.

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I know Mr. Jolly did very well by me in a complicated DUI case. I was scared and alarmed facing a criminal charge. Mr. Jolly had an excellent way of relating to me that made me feel assured that the situation was managed. It was a smart decision to hire him and he was able to negotiate a fair result. It could have been mayhem without Mr. Jolly's advice.

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In some instances cases cannot be won.  That is a hard admission to make from a criminal defense attorney but experienced Skagit County DUI lawyers understand that not every case has the legal issues that lead to wonderful results.  In these situations an option called "Deferred Prosecution" may made a great deal of sense. The deferred prosecution program is unique to Washington State and will dismiss your case, result in no jail, and save your driver's license from suspension.  However, it is equally important to understand what a deferred prosecution involves as the program is intense, expensive and requires total dedication and commitment.  The alcohol drug treatment is two years in length and you must abstain from alcohol and drug consumption and have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.  For more detailed information please check out our deferred prosecution page but even more importantly, discuss this option with your Skagit Count DUI attorney.

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Skagit County has some unique rules that are important to understand from the beginning. First, you will appear in court within days of your arrest. Second, your first court date is called a preliminary appearance, not an arraignment. Third, if you have a prior DUI arrest you will be placed on probation immediately.

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