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A Marijuana DUI arrest may mean a quick court appearance. Learn more.

At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly we provide some of the most experienced DUI attorneys in Skagit County. DUI lawyers make a crucial difference in the outcomes of DUI cases, and we want to put our expertise to work for you. DUI cases go through a long process with up to four stages before trial in any criminal case in Skagit County. DUI lawyers are vital at each and every stage. We will help protect your rights, help you to understand your options and help you make a strategy that you feel good about.

We understand how difficult it is dealing with a charge of DUI. Washington State Troopers and Police Officers are increasing the emphasis on DUI enforcement patrols.  We understand mistakes are made and sometimes, people are wrongfully charged.  Our office is here to assist during this difficult time. We can to assist you through the court process and work to negotiate a more positive and successful outcome.  We handle more than just DUI cases in Skagit County. We are able to take on any type of traffic violation case including moving and non-moving violations. We want to provide affordable, legal counsel to the people who need it most. We even offer free consultations so you can be sure the service we provide is right for you and your case.

Everyone should have the best representation when it comes to handling your traffic infraction ticket or a charge of DUI. Washington State has many good attorneys yet, we believe we provide the most successful and affordable representation and services. It is possible to retain legal counsel that is successful and professional and also affordable.

We provide individualized and personalized attention to each individual case. Each DUI case and arrest is unique and we want to ensure you understand your case and you the legal needs you have. It is important you retain an attorney who is willing to do aggressively and professionally fight your case of DUI. Skagit County State offers a large selection of lawyers but we believe our office will provide you the best attention, dedication, and service you deserve.  Call our
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Washington state has become far tougher on marijuana DUIs recently. It’s important to understand what the new laws mean and how they affect anyone who has been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of marijuana, whether rightly or wrongly.  We have over 60 years of combined legal experience, especially as a DUI defense attorney. We have two locations in Washington and serve additional parts of the State. We keep up to date on the laws that affect you and your case and we listen to your needs. Our clients are number one to us and we do what we can to make sure the best results are achieved.

Because defending Marijuana DUI cases is a relatively new area of focus, it may be difficult to find many criminal defense attorneys with the knowledge and experience your case deserves. Look no further, David Jolly is the author of the first book on the subject in the nation, the Marijuana DUI Handbook.

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Good Marijuana DUI lawyers are difficult to find. This area of law is relatively new and very few local criminal defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge to adequately defend their clients.  When it comes to your future and your freedom you should only choose the best representation. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly has over 60 years of combined experience with criminal and DUI cases. Our criminal defense attorneys are current on the laws that affect you and are knowledgeable in the court and Department of Licensing processes. Whether this is your first offense or one of many, we work aggressively to obtain the best possible outcome. Importantly David Jolly is the first criminal defense attorney in the country to have authored a book specifically about Marijuana DUI, namely, the Marijuana DUI Handbook.

The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is known among the courts and judges to be aggressive and persistent when it comes to negotiating your case’s outcome. Our DUI lawyers go to court well prepared and have a complete and thorough understanding of your case. We know your future and freedom are at stake and we do everything we can so you can keep your privileges in Washington State.

Our firm offers affordable fees and flexible payment plans so you can have the best Skagit County marijuana DUI lawyers on your side. We have offices in two locations for your convenience and we serve most of Washington State. Additionally, we also handle more than just DUI cases. We fight any traffic violation tickets and we have a high success rate. We also listen to your needs so we can fight for you in the courtroom. 

​It is important you are aware of the implications of a DUI charge and understand fully the process you will go through during your DUI case. If we cannot reach an acceptable agreement for you, then we want you to understand the trial process and what it entails. You need to know your rights when it comes to a court of law and also understand the potential outcomes that could be ruled on by the judge. We will provide you the tools necessary to understand the entire process.

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Have you been arrested for a Marijuana DUI in Skagit County, whether it be in Mount Vernon, Burlington or Anacortes?  Thankfully Skagit County is home to one of the best DUI law firms in the country. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is your best choice when it comes to legal counsel and your Marijuana DUI case. We serve all of Western Washington State and our attorneys and staff are here to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome in your Marijuana DUI case.  We have two offices to serve our client and our Bellingham or Everett lawyers can assist you throughout Washington State.

A Drug Evaluation is required so prepare now and do it early.

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The first, and unexpected, prong of the legal consequences is an administrative hearing about your driver’s license. An “administrative” hearing is a hearing handled by a bureaucratic department, in this case the Department of Licensing, totally outside of the court system. This department can revoke your license even if you have not yet been found guilty in a criminal court and even if there is little or no evidence against you. You are allowed a hearing to argue your case, and without a marijuana DUI lawyer many accused drivers lose their license without ever setting foot in a courtroom.

​The other prong is of course the legal case itself. A marijuana DUI is a criminal charge with far-reaching implications. Again, a drug DUI is considered the same as an alcohol DUI in Washington and that means that a host of special penalties are available for the court to throw at you. Once again there is a threat of revoking or suspending your license; beyond that however are jail time, high fines, court-mandated rehabilitation or driver safety courses, and even punishments that make little sense except as social stigma. “Drunk” drivers are ostracized in our society and the court will not hesitate to throw the book at you.  As a complete aside, check out the website's incredibly detailed Marijuana Definitions and Glossary.


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Marijuana DUI penalties  are Jail, loss of license and ignition interlock.