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If you have been charged with DUI in Marysville you may appear in Court for your arraignment the day following your  arrest. You may also be incarcerated immediately following your arrest and may spend the night in the Marysville Jail following your arrest. Therefore it is imperative that you contact an experienced Marysville DUI attorney for advice

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One of the heaviest penalties a judge can throw at someone for driving under the influence is jail time. One of the most common questions we get from people facing DUI charges is “Will I go to jail?” followed closely by, “For how long?” The unfortunate answer is that jail time is a very real possibility in these kinds of cases. Most people are astounded to find out that the Marysville Municipal Court judge can impose up to one year in jail for drunk driving. However, this kind of sentence can be reduced to as little as 1 day in jail or, as is the goal of all of us at the Marysville DUI law firm, no jail and a reduced charge. Fighting for your freedom is just one good reason to hire an Marysville attorney. DUI cases are not easy to face on your own.

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From the outset it is our objective to inform all of our clients of the process involved in defending Marysville DUIs.  This is accomplished by meeting with our clients but also by providing every client, or every inquiry, a free copy of the Snohomish County DUI Handbook.  The book provides every necessary resource required to make the DUI process go a little smoother.  The better prepared a client is the better he or she will be in court and with dealing with the situation.  Further, the better prepared you are the less stressed you are likely to be.

If you were arrested by a Marysville Police Officer you will likely have to appear in Marysville Municipal Court within days of your arrest.  If you submitted to a blood draw the wait may be several weeks but by and large Court is immediate.  If this is not your first DUI the Marysville Judges have a strict policy of taking you into custody or ordering you have installed a SCRAM bracelet on your ankle.  Because Marysville Judges take a hard line approach to DUI defendants and because Court is nearly immediately following your release from custody the necessity to meet with a Marysville DUI lawyer should be obvious.

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Recent changes in DUI law may affect you immediately following an arrest for DUI.  If you have been previously arrested for the crime of driving under the influence then you can expect the Marysville Judge to Order an ignition interlock device be installed on your vehicle within 5 day of your arraignment.  This new law became effective in late 2013 and the only alternative to this requirement is that you sign an affidavit promising not to drive.  Worse yet, if this is you third DUI (or fourth, or fifth, and so forth) you can expect to be taken into custody.  These very serious conditions imposed at arraignment require you to immediately consult with an experienced Marysville DUI lawyer.  The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is located in neighboring Everett and has more than 60 years of experience helping those charged with DUI.  Marysville lawyers who focus solely on DUI defense are few and far between and you cannot risk your freedom when facing such a serious charge.  Take advantage of our knowledge and flexible pricing alternatives and consider hiring one of our Marysville DUI lawyers prior to your first court appearance.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Marysville please contact one of our Marysville DUI attorneys for a free consultation. David Jolly has been defending those charged with driving under the influence for more than 20 years and is therefore very familiar with the Marysville prosecuting attorneys, Marysville Judges, and of course the Marysville Police and law enforcement. The Marysville Police Department is highly trained to detect those driving under the influence are well trained to testify in court and at Department of Licensing hearings. You need protection and we offer just that at affordable fees.  Marysville DUI attorneys are plentiful but very few focus on this area law while at the same time have the years of experience in Marysville Municipal Court to fight your case.  Call one of our Marysville DUI attorneys today for a free consultation and a free Snohomish County DUI Handbook.

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Marysville is notorious for having one of the most serious DUI roads in Snohomish County, namely State Avenue in Marysville. Numerous DUI drivers are arrested in this area of Marysville and many police officers and Troopers prowl this area for DUI drivers. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you probably already understand how tough the DUI laws are. Therefore you need the best DUI representation and a thorough understanding of what challenges are in front of you in Marysville court. Contact our office today for an immediate and complimentary consultation.

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As Marysville DUI attorneys we understand that being arrested for DUI is a terrible experience.  Often people are confused, stressed and scared and with no-where to turn.  We understand this as we speak to people arrested for DUI every single day.  You may have the same questions such as, will you go to jail?  Will you lose your license?  Will you need an ignition interlock device?  These are only three of the many questions individuals have once the reality of the situation hits home.  The first call you should make is to an experienced Marysville DUI Defense Attorney

Marysville is an area that has a high concentration of DUI cases and is patrolled by highly trained and professional DUI law enforcement. Areas where a high number of DUI cases occur include, as previously mentioned, State Avenue, Highway I5 and of course, the Tulalip Casino area in Marysville.

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