3750:  Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint
420:  Marijuana
51:  Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco
Abe: Five dollars worth of drugs. Wondering here how many remember the days of a nickle bag for five dollars that was a full four fingers?
A-bomb:  Marijuana and heroin smoked in cigarette
Acapulco gold:  Marijuana from southwest Mexico
Acapulco red:  Marijuana
Accessory Cannaboids:  The CBC, CBD and CBN Cannaboids that interact with Primary Cannabinoids (THC) to alter their effects
Ace:  Marijuana; PCP
Achenes:  Single seed fruits with the seed being free from the ovary except at the point of connection
African black:  Marijuana
African bush:  Marijuana
African woodbine:  Marijuana cigarette
Aggregate:  A growing medium such as lava or grow rocks used in Hydroponics
Agonies:  Withdrawal symptoms
Airhead:  Marijuana user
Airplane:  Marijuana
Alice B. Toklas:  Marijuana brownie
All Star:  Someone who uses multiple drugs.
All American Drug:  Marijuana...as soon as we can light up at the ball park
Aluminum pipe:  A smoking utensil made from aluminum
Amp:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Amp joint:  Marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
Angola:  Marijuana
Apple pipe:  A smoking utensil made from an apple
Aqua lung:  A gravity bong in a bucket
Ash:  The solid waste left in a pipe after the combustion of useful marijuana; The act of clearing waste from a smoking utensil
Ashed:  An empty bowl
Assassin of Youth:  Marijuana (from 1930's film of same name)
Auto:  A smoking device consisting of an aquarium pump and an oxygen mask
Ashes:  Marijuana
Atom bomb:  Marijuana and heroin
Atshitshi:  Marijuana
Aunt Mary:  Marijuana
B:  Amount of marijuana to fill a matchbox
B-40:  Cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in
Baby:  Marijuana
Baby bhang:  Marijuana
Babysitting:  Holding a smoking apparatus excessively long
Bad seed:  Peyote; heroin; marijuana
Baggie:  Any size plastic bag used for containing marijuana
Bake break:  To take a break from all activities and smoke marijuana
Baked:  To be heavily “inspired” by the consumption of cannabis
Bake sale:  A marijuana smoking session
Bale:  A compressed brick of marijuana
Bammy:  Marijuana
Bambalacha:  Marijuana
Banana:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine
Bar: Marijuana
Bash:  Marijuana
Basuco:  Cocaine; coca paste residue sprinkled on marijuana or regular cigarette
Bazooka:  Coca paste and marijuana
BC Bud:  A generic term for several potent marijuana grown in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Belyando spruce:  Marijuana
Bhang:  Marijuana, Indian term
Bing:  Water pipe / bong
Binger:  Water pipe / bong
Bite one's lips:  to smoke marijuana 
Biz-ong:  Water pipe / bong 
Black:  opium; marijuana 
Black:  Hash
Black bart:  Marijuana 
Black ganga:  Marijuana resin 
Black gold:  High potency marijuana 
Black gungi:   Marijuana from India 
Black gunion:  Marijuana
Black mo/black moat:  Highly potent marijuana 
Black mote:  Marijuana mixed with honey 
Blanket:  Marijuana cigarette 
Blast:  To smoke marijuana; to smoke crack 
Blast a joint:   To smoke marijuana 
Blast a roach: To smoke marijuana 
Blast a stick:   To smoke marijuana 
Blazed:  Very high on marijuana 
Blitzed: Very high on marijuana 
Block: Marijuana 
Blonde:  Marijuana 
Blow:  Cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana 
Blow a stick:  To smoke marijuana 
Blow-back:  To exhale smoke into someone’s mouth. AKA – “shot gun” 
Blow one's roof:  To smoke marijuana 
Blowing smoke:  Marijuana 
Blue de hue:  Marijuana from Vietnam 
Blue sage:  Marijuana 
Blue sky blond:  High potency marijuana from Columbia 
Blunt:  Marijuana inside a cigar; marijuana and cocaine inside a cigar 
Bo-bo: Marijuana 
Bobo bush:  Marijuana 
Bogart a joint
:  Salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share 
Bohd:  Marijuana; PCP 
Bomb: Crack; heroin; large marijuana cigarette 
Bomber:  Marijuana cigarette 
Bone:  Marijuana; $50 piece of crack 
Bong:  Pipe used to smoke marijuana 
Bongmaster:  Keeper and “packer” of the bong 
Bong rip:  To take a hit from a bong 
Bong water:  Water used in a water pipe to filter smoke 
Boo:  Marijuana 
Boom:  Marijuana 
Bootie:  Another word for pirate treasure. 
Boot the gong: To smoke marijuana 
Bowl:  The end of a pipe in which weed is loaded; A small amount of marijuana; A packed bowl of marijuana 
Braindead:  Loss of mental acuity 
Brainfart:  Temporary loss of mental acuity 
Brick: 1 kilogram of marijuana; crack 
Broccoli:  Marijuana 
Brown:  Heroin; marijuana 
Bubblegum:  A term used to describe the smell or taste of marijuana; When the weed is so sticky you have to cut it with scissors or a knife 
Bucket bong:  Any pipe using water and gravity to force the smoke into the “toker’s” lungs. 
Bud:  Marijuana 
Budda :  Potent marijuana spiked with opium 
Buddha:  Potent marijuana spiked with opium 
Buda:  A high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack 
Buds:  A natural cluster of smokable marijuana 
Bullyon:  Marijuana 
Bucket bong:  Any pipe using water and gravity to force the smoke into the “toker’s” lungs. AKA – Gravity bong 
Bunk:  Poor quality weed, usually containing numerous seeds. 
Burn:  To act of smoking weed; The exhausting after effects of smoking marijuana 
Burner:  One who smokes marijuana then becomes complacent to do nothing 
Burnout:  To suffer physical and mental exhaustion when coming down from a “high” 
Burn one:  To smoke marijuana 
Burnie:  Marijuana      
Burnt out:  Complete physical and mental exhaustion 
Burrito:  Marijuana 
Bush:  Cocaine; marijuana 
Butter:  Marijuana; crack 
Butter flower:  Marijuana 
Buzz:  A mild cannabis high 
Buzz kill:  A person or event that lessens the state of one’s “high” in a negative manner 
Cam trip:  High potency marijuana 
Cambodian red/Cam red:  Marijuana from Cambodia 
Can:  Marijuana; 1 ounce 
Cannabinoids:  A class of diverse chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors. These include the endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by humans and animals), the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (produced chemically by humans). The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis.  THC gets a user high, a larger proportion of THC will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don’t get high.  THC is responsible for most of the cerebral (mental) effects of cannabis. Besides potentially inducing feelings of euphoria and happiness, THC can cause people to feel anxious, nervous, or paranoid 
CBD:  (Cannabidiol) increases some of the effects of THC and decreases other effects of THC. Larger amounts of CBD tend to relax both mind and body, and decrease feelings like anxiety, nervousness, and paranoia
CBC:  (Cannabichromene) is not psychoactive in pure form, and is not known to interact with THC to affect the high 
CBL:  (Cannabicyclol) is a degradative product like CBN. Light converts CBC to CBL 
CBN:  (Cannabinol) is produced as THC ages. High levels of CBN tend to make a person feel messed up rather than high. CBN levels can be kept to a minimum by storing cannabis products in a dark, cool, airtight environment 
Cannabis Indica:  The scientific name for a species of marijuana plant. 
Cannabis Sativa:  The scientific name for a species of marijuana plant. 
Canadian black:  Marijuana 
Canamo:  Marijuana 
Canappa:  Marijuana 
Cancelled stick:  Marijuana cigarette 
Cannabis tea:  Marijuana 
Can pipe:  A smoking utensil made from a can. 
Carb:  A hole in a pipe or bong that allows the smoke to clear from the chamber and into your lungs 
Carmabis:  Marijuana 
Cartucho:  Package of marijuana cigarettes 
Cashed:  When the marijuana in the bowl of a smoking utensil has become primarily ash. 
Catnip:  Marijuana cigarette 
Cavite all star:  Marijuana 
Chamber:  The longest section of a bong that holds smoke; Pipe pieces formed to store and resonate weed 
Charas:  Marijuana from India 
Charge:  Marijuana 
Chase:  To smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana 
Cheeba:  Marijuana 
Cheeo:  Marijuana 
Cherried:  A continuous burning of the weed in a pipe, bong, or joint. 
Cherry:  The burning portion of weed that stays lit without further ignition. 
Cheroot:  Smoking cigar-shaped object (tobacco or marijuana or mixture) 
Chillum:  A cone-shaped pipe made of clay, the earliest form of smoking, originated from using a horn 
Chronic:  An excellent quality marijuana. 
Chronie:  See “Chronic 
Chiba chiba:  High potency marijuana from Columbia 
Chicago black:  Marijuana, term from Chicago 
Chicago green:  Marijuana 
Chillums:  Marijuana 
Chips: Tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP 
Chira:  Marijuana 
Christmas tree:  Marijuana; depressant; amphetamine 
Chronic:  Marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack 
Churus:  Marijuana 
Citrol: High potency marijuana, from Nepal 
Circles:  Circular groups formed by multiple pot smokers during a session 
Clogged:  When it becomes difficult to suck through a smoking utensil 
Clone:  A clone is a branch clipping taken from a larger “mother” plant. With the correct care, the main branches of the plant can be rooted and used to start a new plant with the exact genetic makeup of the original plant. This is a well-known technique used by experienced marijuana cultivators to grow new plants without the use of seeds, so that they can keep their entire crop feminized and keep the flowers seed-free. Additionally, the use of clones allows for a grower to skip the early plant cycles and generally produce flowering buds quicker than starting growth from seeds 
Climb:  Marijuana cigarette
Cochornis:  Marijuana
Cocktail:  Cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular
Cocoa puff:  To smoke cocaine and marijuana
Colas:  Marijuana flowing tops [Spanish=tails]        
Coli:  Marijuana
Coliflor tostao:  Marijuana
Colorado cocktail:  Marijuana
Columbian:  Marijuana
Columbus black:  Marijuana
Cool:  High; Awesome; Thanks
Cornering:  Lighting only a portion of the bowl at a time so that more than one person can get a green hit
Cottonmouth:  A lack of saliva brought about by smoking marijuana.
Cosa:  Marijuana 
Crack back:  Crack and marijuana   
Crash:  To lose your energy fast and hard after smoking marijuana.
Crazy weed:  Marijuana
Cripple:  Marijuana cigarette
Creeper:  Weed that takes time to alter your state of mind after being inhaled
Crazy Eddie:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Clickem:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Candy blunt:  Marijuana laced cigar dipped in codeine cough syrup
Crying weed:  Marijuana
Cubes:  Marijuana tablets
Culican:  High potency marijuana from Mexico
Dagga:  Marijuana
Dank:  High-quality marijuana
Dawamesk:    Marijuana
Deal:  An illegal cannabis purchase.
De-childproof:  To remove the child-safety devise
De-seeding:  Removing all stems and seeds from a quantity of marijuana
Dew:  Marijuana
Diambista:  Marijuana
Dimba:  Marijuana from West Africa
Dime:  A quantity of weed costing ten dollars
Ding:  Marijuana
Dinkie dow:  Marijuana
Dirt:  Poor quality weed, usually containing numerous seeds
Dirt grass:  Inferior quality marijuana 
Ditch:  Marijuana
Ditch weed:  Marijuana inferior quality, Mexican
Djamba:  Marijuana 
Do a joint:  To smoke marijuana
Domestic:  Locally grown marijuana
Don Jem:  Marijuana
Dona Juana:  Marijuana
Dona Juanita:  Marijuana
Doobie/dubbe/duby: Marijuana
Dope:  Heroin; marijuana; any other drug
Dope smoke:  To smoke marijuana
Doradilla:  Marijuana
Draf weed:  Marijuana
Drag weed:  Marijuana
Drank:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP 
Dry:  When you and/or your hook-up run out of marijuana.
Dry high:  Marijuana
Dub:  A quantity of weed costing twenty dollars.
Durog:  Marijuana
Duros:  Marijuana
Dust:   Heroin; cocaine; PCP; marijuana mixed with various chemicals
Dusting:  Adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana
Earth:  Marijuana cigarette
Eighth:  One-eighth ounce of marijuana
Elbow joint:  A pipe piece that connects the chamber and bowl
El Diablito:  Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP
El Diablo:  Marijuana, cocaine and heroin
Endo:  Marijuana
Esra:  Marijuana
Euro-style:  Taking multiple hits before passing the smoking utensil with the consent of the circle or group
Fallbrook redhair:  Marijuana, term from Fallbrook, CA
Fatty:  A very thick marijuana cigarette
Feed bag:  Container for marijuana
Fiend:  Someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fine stuff:  Marijuana
Finger:  Marijuana cigarette
Fir:  Marijuana
Fire it up:  To smoke marijuana
Fish-lipping:  Using excessive saliva while smoking from a joint or pipe
Five-O:  Police (as in Hawaii Five-O)
Flower:  Marijuana
Flower tops:  Marijuana
Fly Mexican Airlines:  To smoke marijuana
Four-twenty:  The international time to smoke pot
Fry:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Fry sweet:  Marijuana laced cigar dipped in embalming fluid laced with PCP
Fraho/frajo:  Marijuana
Frios:  Marijuana laced with PCP
Fry daddy:  Crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack
Fu:  Marijuana
Fuel:  Marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP
Fuma D'Angola:  Marijuana Portugese term
Funk:  Marijuana
Funny stuff:  Marijuana
Fuzz:  Police
Gage/gauge:  Marijuana
Gange:  Marijuana
Gangster:  Marijuana
Ganja:  Marijuana from Jamaica
Gash:  Marijuana
Gasper:  Marijuana cigarette
Gasper stick:  Marijuana cigarette
Gauge butt:  Marijuana
Geek:  Crack and marijuana
Get a gage up:  To smoke marijuana
Get high:  To smoke marijuana
Get on:  smoke marijuana
Get the wind:  To smoke marijuana
Ghana:  Marijuana
Giggle smoke:  Marijuana
Giggle weed:  Marijuana
Gimmie:  Crack and marijuana
Go loco:  To smoke marijuana
Gold:  Marijuana; crack
Gold star:  Marijuana
Golden leaf:  Very high quality marijuana
Gong:  Marijuana; opium
Good butt:  Marijuana cigarette
Good giggles:  Marijuana
Good stuff:  High potency drug, especially marijuana
Goof butt:  Marijuana cigarette
Grass:  Marijuana
Grass brownies:  Marijuana
Grata:  Marijuana
Gravity bong:  Any pipe using water and gravity to force the smoke into the “toker’s” lungs
Green:  Inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine
Green hit:  The first hit: refers to the color of marijuana
Green goddess: Marijuana
Greeter:  Marijuana
Greta:  Marijuana
Griefo:  Marijuana
Griff:  Marijuana
Griffa:  Marijuana
Griffo:  Marijuana
Gungun:  Marijuana
Gunney:  Marijuana
Gunney sack:  Marijuana (from sacks made with hemp fiber)
Gyve:  Marijuana cigarette
Half “O”:  A half ounce of marijuana
Hanhich:  Marijuana
Happy Cigarette:  Marijuana cigarette
Harsh:  Herb that is too dry and burns too fast
Has:    Marijuana
Hash / Hashish:  Hash is formed by scraping the sticky resin from the leaves of the marijuana plant
Hawaiin:  Very high potency marijuana
Hay:  Marijuana
Hay butt:  Marijuana cigarette
Head change:  The mental change that occurs from smoking marijuana, usually accompanied by an altered awareness of time
Head shops:  Any shop that sells marijuana-smoking paraphernalia
Hemp:  Marijuana
Hemp Wick:  A thin hemp cord (fueled by beeswax) used for igniting marijuana
Herb:  Jamaican term for marijuana with Biblical connotations; Rastafarian sacrament
Herb and Al:  Marijuana and alcohol
Herba:  Marijuana
High:  The mental change that occurs from smoking marijuana, usually accompanied by an altered awareness of time
Hit:  Crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana
Hit the hay:  To smoke marijuana
Hocus:  Opium; marijuana
Homegrown:  Marijuana
Honey blunts:  Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Hooch:  Marijuana
Hookah:  A hashish waterpipe with four long stems to accommodate four smokers at once, originates back to the Middle East
Hook-up:  The person from whom you get your weed
Hooter:  Cocaine; marijuana
Hot stick:   Marijuana cigarette
House rules:  Rules set by the host to be followed during all gatherings and parties
Hot box:  To smoke weed inside a vehicle with the widows rolled up
Hubbly Bubbly:  Hookah; a Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking tobaco or marijuana
Hydro:  Hydroponically grown marijuana
Ill:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Illy:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
“I’m Cool”:  “I have had enough to smoke;” “I do not wish to smoke;” ”I’m high.”
Indian boy:  Marijuana
Indian hay:  Marijuana from India
Indian hemp:  Marijuana
Indiana ditchweed:  Low-potency wild marijuana, grows wild from seeds originally bred for hemp rope
Indiana hay:  Marijuana
Indica:  Type of marijuana
Indo:  Marijuana, term from Northern California
Indonesian bud:  Marijuana; opium
J:  Marijuana cigarette
Jane:  Marijuana
Jay smoke:  Marijuana
Jay:  Marijuana cigarette
Jim Jones:  Marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jive:  Heroin; marijuana; drugs
Jive stick:  Marijuana
Johnson grass:  Low potency Texas marijuana (as in Lyndon Johnson)
Joint:  Marijuana cigarette
Jolly green:  Marijuana
Jonesing:  A need for drugs
Joy smoke:  Marijuana
Joy stick:  Marijuana cigarette
Ju-ju:  Marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez:  Marijuana
Juanita:  Marijuana
Juice joint:  Marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Kaff / Khayf / Kif / Kief:  Golden pollen hash from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern nations. Common forms are Red Lab and Slate
Kali:  Marijuana
Kaya:  Marijuana
Kentucky blue:  Marijuana
KGB (killer green bud):  Marijuana
Kick stick:  Marijuana cigarette
Kind:  High quality marijuana
Kif:  Hashish, potent Moroccan Marijuana
Kiff:  Marijuana
Killer:  Marijuana; PCP
Killer weed (1960s):  Marijuana
Killer weed (1980s):  Marijuana and PCP
Kilter:  Marijuana
Kind:  Marijuana
Kumba:  Marijuana
L.L.:  Marijuana
Lace:  Cocaine and marijuana
Lagger:  A person who seemingly takes forever to do everything
Lakbay diva:  Marijuana
Lamb's bread:  Marijuana
Laughing grass:  Marijuana
Laughing weed:  Marijuana
Leaf:  Marijuana; cocaine
Lid:  1 ounce of marijuana
Light up:  The act of lighting marijuana
Lima: Marijuana
Limbo:  Marijuana
Loco:  Marijuana
Lip burner:  A pipe that is too short for practical use
Lit:  The state of being high
Little smoke:  Marijuana; psilocybin/psilocin
Llesca:  Marijuana
Load a bowl:  Loading a pipe or bong with marijuana
Loaf:  Marijuana
Lobo:  Marijuana
Locoweed:  Marijuana
Log:  PCP; marijuana cigarette
Love boat:  Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP
Love weed:  Marijuana
Lovelies:  Marijuana laced with PCP
Lubage:  Marijuana
Lung-cookie:  A coughed up ball of phlegm
Lucas: Marijuana
Lumber:  Marijuana stems and wastes
M:  Marijuana: morphine
M.J.:  Marijuana
M.O.:  Marijuana
M.U.:  Marijuana
Machinery:  Marijuana
Macon:  Marijuana
Magic smoke:  Marijuana
Manhattan silver:  Marijuana
Mari:  Marijuana cigarette
Marijuana:  The smokeable leaves and buds of the female cannabis plant
Marley:  Marijuana
Mary:  Marijuana
Mary and Johnn:  Marijuana
Mary Ann:  Marijuana
Mary Jane:  Marijuana The female cannabis plant. Male plants have almost no active THC
Mary Jonas:  Marijuana
Mary Warner:  Marijuana
Mary Weaver:  Marijuana
Matchbox:  1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes
Maui Wauie:  Marijuana from Hawaii
Meg:  Marijuana
Megg:  Marijuana cigarette
Meggie:  Marijuana
Messorole:  Marijuana
Mex:  A description of poor quality weed often imported from Mexico
Mexican brown:  Heroin; marijuana
Mexican red:  Marijuana
Mighty mezz: Marijuana cigarette
Milk:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Modams:  Marijuana
Mohasky:  Marijuana
Monte:  Marijuana from South America
Mooca/moocah:  Marijuana
Mooching:  Always smoking other people’s weed, but never supplying it
Mooster:  Marijuana
Moota/mutah:  Marijuana
Mooters:  Marijuana cigarette
Mootie:  Marijuana
Mootos:  Marijuana
Mor a grifa:  Marijuana
Mota/moto:  Marijuana
Mother:  Marijuana
Mow the grass:  To smoke marijuana
Mouthpiece:  The end of the pipe which is placed between your lips as you smoke
Muggie:  Marijuana
Muggles:  Marijuana
Mush brain:  Extreme mental fatigue associated with “coming down” from your high
Munch:  To eat without thinking
Munchies:  The hunger sensation associated with being high
Mutha:  Marijuana
Nail:  Marijuana cigarette
Nickel:  0.5 grams of marijuana
Nipple:  The mouthpiece of a pipe
NORML:  The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is an American non-profit organization based in Washington, DC whose aim is to move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the legalization of non-medical marijuana in the United States so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty
Northern Lights:  An extremely high-grade marijuana
Nug:  A high quality bud of marijuana
Number:  Marijuana cigarette
“O”:  One ounce of marijuana
Oil:  The purified and concentrated resin from hashish or marijuana
O.J.:  Marijuana
O-ring:  Small rubber rings that help create an airtight seal between pipe pieces
O.Z.:  One ounce of marijuana
Ounce:  One ounce of marijuana
P.R. (Panama Red):  Marijuana
Paca lolo:  Marijuana (Hawaiian term)
Pack: Heroin; marijuana
Pack a bowl:  Load a smoking utensil with marijuana
Pack of rocks:  Marijuana cigarette
Pakalolo:  Marijuana
Pakistani black:  Marijuana
Panama cut:  Marijuana
Panama gold:  Marijuana
Panama red:  Marijuana
Panatella:  large marijuana cigarette
Paper blunts:  Marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Parker:  One who fails to share a marijuana cigarette
Parsley:  Marijuana, PCP
Party foul:  A breaking of basic house rules, such as knocking over a bong or loading a seed
Pat:  Marijuana
Peace weed:   Marijuana with PCP
Peanut:  What is left of a joint after it has become so small that it’s difficult to smoke. It is strong because it catches and concentrates the resin of the joint
Phillies Blunt:  Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana
Picked up:  Smoked marijuana
Piece:  Used to describe any smoking utensil
Pin:  Marijuana
Pinhead:  Thinly-rolled marijuana cigarettes
Pinner:  A very thin joint
Pipe:  Crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances                  
Pocket rocket:  Marijuana
Poke:  To smoke a marijuana cigarette
Poker:  Any device used to clear a smoking utensil of ash and resin
Pod:  Marijuana
Poke:  Marijuana
Pot:  Marijuana, hash, grass, cannabis, etc.
Pot brownies:  Brownies laced with Marijuana or THC
Pot-butter / Cannabutter:  Butter infused with marijuana
Potlikker:  Tea brewed from marijuana waste
Pot liquor:  Tea brewed from marijuana waste
Potten bush:  Marijuana
Pound:  One pound of marijuana
Prescription:  Marijuana cigarette
Pretendica:  Marijuana
Pretendo:  Marijuana that looks and smells excellent, but does not deliver a great high; Prematurely picked marijuana
Primos:  Marijuana cigarette or blunk with crack or powder cocaine
Primo:   Crack; marijuana mixed with crack
Puff-puff-give:  Taking only one or two tokes before passing the hit
Puff the dragon:  To smoke marijuana
Purple rain:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Q.P. :  A quarter pound (four ounces) of marijuana
Quarter:  A quarter ounce of marijuana; A quarter pound of marijuana
Queen Ann's lace:  Marijuana
Ragweed:  Inferior quality marijuana; heroin
Railroad weed:  Marijuana
Rainy day woman:  Marijuana
Rangood:  Marijuana grown wild
Rasta weed:  Marijuana
Red cross:  Marijuana
Red dirt:  Marijuana
Reefer:  And old-school term meaning marijuana
Resin:  A sticky brown residue deposited in smoking utensils via combustion of marijuana
Resonate:  To strengthen and concentrate your weed
Righteous bush:  Marijuana
Roach:  Butt of marijuana cigarette
Roach clip:  Holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Rockets:  Marijuana cigarette
Resin:  A sticky brown residue deposited in smoking utensils via combustion of marijuana
Resonate:  To strengthen and concentrate your weed
Root:  Marijuana
Rope:  Marijuana
Rose marie:  Marijuana
Sack:  Any measurement of weed contained within baggie
Salad Bowl:  When you pack a bowl beyond the lip of the bowl itself
Salt and pepper:  Marijuana
Santa Marta:  Marijuana
Sasfras:  Marijuana
Scale:  Any of various measuring tools used to weigh out marijuana
Score:  A 70′s term for a quarter ounce of hash; To receive and / or purchase marijuana
Screen:  A metal or glass filter designed to let smoke through and keep ash out
Scissors:  Marijuana
Seeds: The seed from a fertilized marijuana plant
Sen:  Marijuana
Sess:  Marijuana
Session:  Two or more pot-smokers gathered for a common purpose: to get high
Sezz:  Marijuana
Shake:  The very small and dry pieces of marijuana used in the joint rolling process
Shlook:  A puff of a marijuana cigarette
Shotgun:  Inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling
Skin:  Marijuana rolling paper
Siddi:  Marijuana
Sinse:  Marijuana
Sinsemilla:  Potent variety marijuana; The flowering tops of seedless plants
Sinker:  A bowl that usually does not require a screen
Skunk:  Aromatic and potent sinsemilla; A term used to describe the quality or fragrance of marijuana
Smoke:  Heroin and crack; crack; marijuana
Smoke Canada:  Marijuana
Smoking circle:  A gathering of persons smoking pot
Smoking utensil:  Any device used to smoke marijuana
Snap:  To completely empty the bowl of a water pipe by sucking though it
Snop:  Marijuana
Spark it:  Light up
Snop:  Marijuana
Snowcaps:  Cocaine sprinkled over marijuana bong hits
Spark it up:  To smoke marijuana
Speed boat:  Marijuana, PCP, crack
Spliff:  A Jamaican term for a large cone-shaped joint
Splim:  Marijuana
Spring:  Giving a marijuana cigarette to another
Square mackerel:  Marijuana, term from Florida
Squirrel:  Smoking cocaine, marijuana and PCP; LSD
Stack:  Marijuana
Stash:  A personal supply of marijuana
Steamboat:  Inhaling marijuana smoke trapped in toilet paper roll or similar device used to burn last embers of the butt
Stem:  The cylinder on a bong that connects the chamber to the bowl; The stem from a marijuana plant
Stick:  Marijuana, PCP
Stink weed:  Marijuana
Stoned:  The state of being high
Stoney:  Cool; A nice quality weed
Straw:   Marijuana cigarette
Stress:  Poor quality weed, usually containing numerous seeds
Stuck:  Being unaware and unable to process complex thoughts
Sugar weed:  Marijuana
Supergrass:  Marijuana
Sweet Lucy:  Marijuana
Super grass:   Marijuana with PCP
Super weed:   Marijuana with PCP
T:  Cocaine; marijuana
Taima:  Marijuana
Taking on a number:  Smoking marijuana
Takkouri:  Marijuana
Tea:  Marijuana, PCP
Tea head:  Habitual marijuana user
Tea party:  To smoke marijuana
Tex-mex:  Marijuana
Texas pot:  Marijuana
Texas tea:  Marijuana
THC / Tetrahydrocannabinol:  The psychoactive cannabinoid element in cannabis that is responsible for the “high”. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol; the main active ingredient in marijuana, which acts on the brain to produce its effects
Thai sticks:  Bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo                   
Thirteen:  Marijuana
Thumb:  Marijuana
Tighten someone's wig:  Provide marijuana [1940's]
Tijuana:  Marijuana
Tin:  container for marijuana
TJ:  Marijuana (from Tijuana)
Toak:  To inhale smoke, especially marijuana
Toke:  To inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Toke pipes:  Small pipes in which marijuana is smoked
Toker:  One who smokes marijuana
Toke up:  To smoke marijuana
Torch:  Marijuana
Torch up:  to smoke marijuana
Torpedo:  crack and marijuana          
To your head:  “Finish the bowl yourself;” “You took a really big hit”
Trichomes:  Trichomes on plants are epidermal outgrowths of various kinds. A common type of trichome is a hair. Plant hairs may be unicellular or multicellular, branched or unbranched. Multicellular hairs may have one or several layers of cells. Branched hairs can bedendritic (tree-like), tufted, or stellate (star-shaped). When referring to cannabis specifically, trichomes are the tiny mushroom-shaped appendages covering the buds. The trichomes increase in number as the plant matures. The color of the trichome’s head changes as well and indicates the degree of potency. Flowers that are covered in trichomes are typically a “frosty” color and can literally glisten. 
Triple beam:  A type of scale with great accuracy
Turbo:  crack and marijuana
Twist: Marijuana cigarette
Twistum:  Marijuana cigarette
Up against the stem:  Addicted to smoking marijuana
Utensil:  A device such as a bong or pipe used to smoke marijuana.
Vaporizer:  A device that heats your marijuana to the exact “vaporizing” temperature of the active chemicals
Vipe:  Marijuana
Viper:  Marijuana smoker
Viper's weed:  Marijuana
Visual:  An hallucination.
Wac:  PCP on marijuana
Wack: Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Wacky weed: Marijuana
Wacky terbacky:  Marijuana
Wake and bake:  To smoke weed upon waking up
Wasted:  Stoned beyond rational thought
Water-water:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Water pipe:  A device used to filter marijuana smoke through water before it is inhaled
Weed:  Marijuana, PCP
Weed tea:  Marijuana
Wet:  Marijuana cigarette or joint dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Wet daddy:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Wet-wet:  Marijuana or tobacco cigarette dipped in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols) and laced with PCP
Wheat:  Marijuana
White-haired lady:  Marijuana
White Widow:  A name given to many varieties of great marijuana with a white crystalline appearance
Withdrawal:  Adverse symptoms that occur after chronic use of a drug is reduced or stopped
Wollie:  Rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette
Woolah:  A hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack
Woolas:  Cigarette laced with cocaine; marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Woolies:  Marijuana and crack or PCP
Wooly blunts:  Marijuana and crack or PCP
X:  Marijuana; MDMA; amphetamine
Yeh:  Marijuana
Yellow submarine:  Marijuana
Yellow Taxi:  A yellow-haired weed typically grown in Amsterdam.
Yen pop:  Marijuana
Yerba:  Marijuana
Yerba mala:  PCP and marijuana
Yesca: Marijuana
Yesco:  Marijuana

Z:  1 ounce of cannabis.
Zacatecas purple:  Marijuana from Mexico
Zambi:  Marijuana
Zigzag:  A name brand rolling paper
Zig Zag man:  LSD; marijuana; marijuana rolling papers
Zol:  Marijuana cigarette
Zombie weed:  Marijuana with PCP
Zooie:  Holds butt of marijuana cigarette
Zoom:  PCP; marijuana laced with PCP
Zoned:  A loss of the ability to focus on more than one thing at a time

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Marijuana is now legal to purchase and consume in the State of Washington, if you are over the age of 21 years.  As a result of marijuana becoming more mainstream many of the terms previously used within the culture of marijuana consumption are now being used in the media, in courts and in the community.  However, the list of marijuana terms is lengthy and included below is what we think to be the largest list of marijuana terms and definitions.  If you are inclined to use marijuana in Washington State you may do so, but as a reminder do not drive after consumption of cannabis as you may be risking a Marijuana DUI. For details on your case please call our Washington State DUI defense attorneys for a free consultation. 

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