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DUI Lawyer Lake Stevens WA | DUI Attorney Snohomish County
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What should you look for in competent Lake Stevens DUI lawyers to help defend your driving under the influence case? Getting charged with driving under the influence can be a terrifying and overwhelming experience. In addition to a court case, there are a variety of other factors involved in your DUI charge that you may or may not be aware of. To make matters worse, the government agencies responsible for dealing with the aftermath of DUI charges are often inefficient and confusing to deal with. One way to help yourself through this process is to find Lake Stevens DUI lawyers to help both defend your driving under the influence case, and to help advise you through the process of moving on with your life after a DUI charge. For a Snohomish County DUI attorney, there is no better choice than the Law Firm of David N. Jolly.

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Lake Stevens DUI attorney David N. Jolly received an undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary and a Juris Doctorate from Northern Illinois University College of Law, where he participated in the College of Law Client Counseling Competition, represented the school in the National Moot Court Competition and was the Graduating Class Speaker. He started his career as a prosecuting, eventually prosecuting DUIs with the City of Lynnwood in Snohomish County for more than 3 years.  He has also authored 14 DUI and traffic books, more than any other Washington lawyer. As one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Snohomish County, his client know they are in good hands.

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Lake Stevens DUI lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly can help answer all of your questions on your DUI charge. David N. Jolly and the firm’s team of lawyers specialize in DUI cases and other automotive related cases. With over fifteen thousand cases defended, the Law Firm of David N. Jolly and the firm’s team have the expertise to not only defend your case, but explain a confusing and intimidating system to their clients. Further, David Jolly has written and published some of the first and best guides on DUI charges in Washington State, providing you more practical resources for dealing with whatever charges have been levied.

When looking for Lake Stevens DUI lawyers, it is important that not only are they experienced, but also that they are available to answer your questions. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly has a client care policy that ensures speedy and accurate responses from your lawyer team. Don’t wait for days to hear back from your lawyer, choose Lake Stevens DUI lawyers that care about you and that have the expertise to address your case with the seriousness it deserves.

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You may have many questions following your arrest and a Lake Stevens DUI attorney can help.  Did you know that you can request a hearing from the Department of Licensing to keep your driver’s license after a DUI charge, but only if you file for that hearing within twenty days of sobriety tests? Did you know that there are certain steps you should follow in discussing your case with the police that can help ensure your case is viewed in the best light? Did you know that sobriety tests must be administered correctly to be admissible? Did you know that a DUI charge can seem embarrassing and are you uncertain how to inform your place of employment? All of these intricacies apply to a driving under the influence charge, but many individuals find that they barely know how to navigate the court system, never mind get through all of these hearings, license issues, and how to handle the blemish that a Lake Stevens DUI charge can bring to their life.

The Lake Stevens DUI attorneys at Law Firm of David N. Jolly offer complete criminal defense. They have extensive courtroom and trial experience in defending those accused of driving under the influence in SnohomishCounty. The law firm has gained respect by successfully defending numerous high-profile criminal cases. David N. Jolly has distinguished himself from other Washington DUI attorneys by dedicating himself to his clients’ needs and consistently resolving cases in a favorable manner. As a Lake Stevens criminal defense lawyer he has earned a reputation of respect in the legal realm, having been asked several times to give his legal opinion in the media and having authored many books on the subject of driving under the influence.

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