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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Washington, the very best thing you can do for yourself is hire a Island County DUI lawyer. Washington has a complex set of legal processes surrounding drunk driving cases, that require legal expertise to understand. There are mechanisms that are in place for your protection, that you may not know about without a DUI lawyer. Island County Judges and Prosecutors have a reputation for being tough on DUI cases and that reputation is well deserved. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, The Law Firm of David N. Jolly wants to be your Island County DUI lawyer. Washington doesn’t go easy on drunk drivers but we want to see you get an outcome you can live with. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Have an expert at your side. Call us today to set up a consultation for your case. Washington doesn’t go easy on DUI cases, but with the Law Firm of David N. Jolly you have an ally who knows how to fight for your rights.


Great result from a difficult case. I almost didn't hire an attorney because I thought I had no chance. Thank God I hired him. Pleasant guy - amazing result (that is why I am writing).

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So, what exactly is so complicated that it requires a Oak Harbor DUI lawyer? Washington has a two-pronged approach to dealing with DUI cases. Even if the judge does not order you to lose your license in your court case, the state can still take it away through the Department of Licensing. This department holds a hearing regarding your case shortly after you are first charged with drunk driving. Your actual criminal case may not even be over yet, but the DOL is ready to act. After your arrested you have a short window during with to file your paperwork with the DOL. If you miss this window your license will almost certainly be suspended. 

However, these legal complications are not the only reason to hire a DUI lawyer. Washington also has numerous protections and choices available at different stages of the trial process which can be used to protect you. David Jolly has built his career on knowing this system inside and out and using it skillfully to defend clients. He’s written seven books on the topic of drunk driving laws, leading the way for any other Island County DUI Defense lawyer. Washington Driving Under the Influence laws are our specialty, and each one of your clients receives a complimentary copy of The DUI Handbook for the Accused. This is our way of making sure that you are informed. We want our clients to understand the process as well as we do, and feel confident in the choices we recommend at each stage of the process.

When we sit down with you to work on your case, we will draw on a number of resources to give you the absolute best chance of success. We will examine the details of your arrest and the police reports for any inconsistencies or irregularities. If there is a weakness in the prosecution’s case we may be able to secure a plea bargain early in the process, which would mean you don’t even have to go to court. We are also familiar the with strategies of every judge and the personalities of all the arresting officers, with experience stretching across hundreds of cases over decades. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence please call an experienced
Island County DUI Defense attorney immediately. Our complimentary consultation can occur as soon as you call and the protection you deserve will begin. Call us today at (360) 336-8722.

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Importantly, you only have 20 days to request a hearing to save your license, so we need to get started as soon as possible.  Our Island County DUI attorneys are prepared to take fast, decisive action on your behalf. Call us now for your free one-hour consultation, where you can ask questions about the case and learn everything you need to know about what you're going through and how we can help you find a way out of the criminal justice system.

Washington State laws are tough on all types of drunk driving offenses.  Our team ofIsland County DUI lawyers know how to effectively litigate these and many more types of cases. We have prepared ourselves to handle a number of different DUI charges on behalf of our clients because we understand that each person is unique—every case deserves individualized care and attention so that we can to our best work for you. We have an extensive track record of success in representing all types of driving under the influence cases, and are ready to begin fighting for you immediately.

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The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is focused on providing prompt, professional service to all clients facing DUI charges in Island County. Their attorneys understand how important your case is to you, and how much stress and disruption it is likely causing in your life. For this reason, these Island County DUI lawyers make it a priority to respond to phone calls and emails quickly and treat each case as if it was their only one. Their mission is to resolve your legal issue, and they can accomplish this by guiding you through every step of the process.

To give an example of the type of service the Law Firm of David N. Jolly provides: a gentleman was charged with a Washington DUI over the holiday season while visiting from out of state. Oak Harbor DUI lawyer David N. Jolly filed a motion to suppress based on evidence that the arresting officer had conducted a careless investigation. The client also submitted to substance abuse testing and, pending the results, the court agreed to resolve the case with no probation or jail sentence, the recommendation of a restricted license, and that the results of chemical testing would not be reported to his home state. To see what the Law Firm of David N. Jolly can do for you, call (360) 293-2275 for a consultation.

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In the state of Washington, drunk driving is one of the most commonly prosecuted crimes. There are two major routes that prosecution can follow, the first being the results of chemical testing showing a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher, and the second involving visible evidence of impaired driving. There are many known inaccuracies inherent within the BAC Datamaster and Draeger Alcotest machine, and you need an Island County DUI lawyer who is well-versed in the operation and testing procedures of the machines if you submitted a breath sample.

David Jolly has extensive knowledge of the process by which the machine measures alcohol content, as well as the correct testing and calibrating procedures. Many times the tests are not conducted properly by law enforcement, and it takes an attorney with a shrewd eye to determine procedural mistakes. Write down, if possible, as many details as you remember surrounding the way the officer conducted your test and report these details to your Oak Harbor DUI lawyer.

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The Law Firm of David N. Jolly assists clients facing all kinds of drunk driving charges in Washington. When you retain one of their Island County DUI lawyers, you may receive the benefits of not just one attorney, but the collaborative efforts of a team. The tenacious Law Firm of David N. Jolly views the ability to handle your case as a privilege, duty, and honor. Call them today to discuss your case.

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If you are in need of a steadfast DUI defender, do not hesitate to call the Law Firm of David N. Jolly at (360) 336-8722. It is very important that your Island County DUI lawyer has enough time to build a stellar defense, and some evidence may be time sensitive.

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With the Island County DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly, you know that you are getting many years of experience, knowledge, and training on your side. Our criminal defense lawyers conduct their own investigation for every client. We seek to uncover favorable evidence that will help your case. Our Lawyers are dedicated to vigorously fighting for you and ensuring that your rights are upheld. David Jolly also offers something that no other Washington State attorney can offer, he is the author of 14 DUI and Traffic books so his knowledge of DUIs and how to defend them is unparalleled in Island County.  Finally, yet importantly, David Jolly was a Prosecuting Attorney for nearly 4 years.  During that 4 year period he never lost a single DUI trial.  This is why you need the Law Firm of David N. Jolly on your side if you were arrested for an Island County DUI.

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The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is committed to helping people from all walks of life get their DUI charges reduced or dismissed entirely.  You have a right to an attorney and a right to justice.  You should hire the best Island County DUI attorneys available and we strongly believe we are those lawyers.  If you want to maximize your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction, then you have come to the right place.  Our clients agreed that if you want superior DUI representation and the best service of any law firm, hire the criminal defense lawyers from the Law Firm of David N. Jolly. Being charged with driving under the influence in Island County is a horrible and difficult experience. Your best defense is hiring the Law Firm of David N. Jolly.


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The state of Washington takes drunk driving charges extremely seriously, which is why you need an aggressive attorney to fight on your behalf.  No matter how severe your particular charge may be the Island County DUI Lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are prepared to help you seek a favorable outcome.  There are many people who are charged with DUI who believe that it will result in a conviction, however this is not true.  Our law firm is successful in reducing or dismissing the majority of our DUI cases and our many years of experience in the field have enhanced our reputation as the DUI law firm to hire if you are charged with an Island County DUI in Washington.


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If you have been arrested for DUI you already know how difficult it is.  Our Island County DUI attorneys talk to people every day who are having a hard time following an arrest.  Most drivers who are arrested and charged with driving under the influence are not criminals—they are good people who have made one mistake.  Yet these same good people are now facing a system that brands them as criminals. Facing these same good people is a potential suspended license, fines and mandatory jail time.  A DUI can also affect your ability to travel to and from Canada.  You must not face the system alone and that is why you need help from an Island County DUI attorney at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly. When you are researching a possible criminal defense attorney for representation it is important to find a lawyer with the required knowledge and experience with DUI defense, a rock solid reputation, and years of court room experience in Island County District Court. David Jolly has those requirements and would welcome your inquiries.

It is important to understand a few important facts about every court. First, the Island Count Prosecutor's office considers themselves as a "no-negotiation" office. This means that your attorney must aggressively pursue a favorable outcome as no easy offer will be presented. Second, Island County District Court moves very slowly. Bring a book to court, because you'll have enough time to read it cover to cover.

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