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Skagit County DUI Handbook 2017

DUI Knowledge means the Power to Negotiate and the Power to Win


Whatcom County DUI Handbook 2017

DUI Books by Washington State Criminal Defense Attorney David N. Jolly

In addition to the five County DUI Handbooks, David Jolly has also published nine other DUI and Traffic Books.  From the award winning DUI/DWI: The History of Driving Under the Influence to the Drug DUI Handbook, all the areas of DUI law are covered in the books published by David Jolly.  No other Washington State DUI attorney has published as many individual books as DUI lawyer David N. Jolly.  Such knowledge that was learned in the many hundreds of hours of research needed to write and publish these books is transferred to our clients.  The Washington DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly pride themselves in their thorough understanding of DUI laws and local court procedures.  Don't forget to download your free DUI book.

Drug DUI Book
DUI Defense Lawyer Whatcom County | Law Firm of David N. Jolly

Other Legal Books by Attorney David N. Jolly

We begin the education at the beginning, where it should start. If your DUI arrest occurred in Snohomish County you can download a FREE copy of the Snohomish County DUI Handbook.  If you were arrested in Whatcom County, you can download a FREE copy of the Whatcom County DUI Handbook. If you were arrested in Skagit County and therefore appearing in court the next business day, you can download a copy of the Skagit County DUI Handbook.  If you were arrested in Island County you will also be facing the Judge the next business day and therefore it is important to download a FREE copy of the Island County DUI Handbook.  Any other DUI arrest in Washington will receive a FREE copy of the Washington State DUI Handbook.

No other DUI attorney in Washington provides such another service.  No other DUI Lawyer in Washington has written a specific book for their county of practice, yet David Jolly has written a specific DUI book for all of the counties where the law firm practices and each and every DUI Handbook provides all of the specific and detailed information you will need.

DUI History Book


Washington State DUI Book

At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly we truly believe the best client is an educated client.  That is why we provide FREE DUI books to all inquiries and all of our clients that will assist them throughout the DUI process.  Such information includes court procedures and how we can successfully negotiate a case to an acceptable resolution to driving license problems and how to keep driving, regardless of whether a license suspension is imposed.  However, there are times when only specific information is helpful and this is when our DUI attorneys and staff stand out from the rest.  We provide specific and detailed information for alcohol and drug evaluations, ADIS classes, DUI Victim's Panels, ignition interlock device locations (if needed) and every other pertinent detail that may be required during the DUI process.  This information is contained in the free DUI book we offer to everyone.


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Some of the following books you can download immediately for free while others, due to contractual reasons with the publisher, you cannot. However, if you want a specific book please email me and I will attach a copy in a return email.

Marijuana DUI Book
DUI Books by Attorney David N Jolly

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