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DOL 2019 Changes for DUI Arrests

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dol rules are about to change - radically

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Due Process with the DOL?  Not so much.  Many years ago, the Department of Licensing permitted the defendant arrested for DUI 30 days to request a hearing to fight the license suspension that comes with a DUI arrest.  This time period was then reduced to 20 days.  As of January 1, 2019, the time an individual will have will be only 7 days!  Further, the DOL would not suspend an individual's license for at least 60 days after the arrest, regardless of the situation.  As of 2019, this time period will be reduced to only 30 days.  Read more ....



Skagit County has seen significant changes over the past year and this is the only book that reflects these changes and the entire DUI process in Skagit County.  Every year we update the book and provide this 100-page book for free download to everyone.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, please download for free a copy today.  

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In 2018 the legal community in Washington State followed a path of status quo.  While there have certainly been some changes in law and some personnel changes, the big changes are due to arrive in 2019.  Therefore this year, 2018, has been one of preparation for the following year. 

The largest change, undoubtedly, occured in Snohomish County where the court system radically changed the Snohomish County probation rules and costs.  This has proven to be an expensive and very inconvenient change for those affected.


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We believe that everyone arrested for driving under the influence deserves to be representative and advised of the consequences of the charge and how to properly defend themselves.  This book came from this belief.  We are proud to be the only law practice in Washington State who provides - for free - an up to date DUI book every year that is specific to certain copies.  Please download your free and up to date copy today.  

DOL Hearing Handbook for Lawyers

For more than 20 years I have been dealing with the Department of Licensing.  Over the years I have put together a detailed book - or binder - regarding all of the DOL issues to be argued and detailed case law.  Finally, I organized the material and put it in an easy to follow and organized book.  Every possible legal issue following a DUI arrest is now in this book.  I published the book but only had several dozen copies made - I gave these all to other attorneys and the books were gone in a week.

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