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RCW 46.61.668 Distracted Driving Law Firm of David N Jolly

Our law practice believes that an informed client is the best client.  Information is power and the more information, the better off we all are.  In 2012 I wrote the first of a series of DUI Handbooks that focused on the local jurisdictions. These were the first of their kind and they have not been replicated, until now!  The new 2017 Whatcom County DUI Handbook is completely undated and is available, for free!  Please download your free copy now.

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2017 has brought with it many changes. The most obvious is a new President, Donald Trump. Clearly, with a new President, a new Supreme Court Justice will come soon too. This appointment will have long lasting affects on the legal system in the United States. Locally, we have seen new Judges in Skagit County. District Court Judge David Svaren was elected as a Superior Court Judge and was elevated to his new position. Judge Verge and Judge Goddard were appointed and welcomed to Skagit County - both fine people and Judges. Also, Jenifer Howson was appointed as the new commissioner - a fantastic appointment.

Nothing ever changed in Skagit County, until 2017, then it seemed liked everything did.  New Judges (2) and a new Commissioner changed the face of the Skagit County District Court and Municipal Court environment.  Further changes to the prosecuting attorney's office has resulted in a very different legal landscape.  Don't worry, the new DUI Handbook for Skagit County has all of these changes as well as updates on Washington State law.  Download your free copy now!


Skagit County DUI Handbook 2017 Law Firm of David N Jolly
Whatcom County DUI Handbook 2017 Law Firm of David N Jolly

Washington State has enacted the new Distracted Driving law, RCW 46.61.668. So proud of this new law that Governor Inslee is calling this new law, E-DUI!  Wow.  Yet this infraction is only an infraction, not a crime.  Further, it is very limited - some would argue, pathetically weak (it is).  However, it is more than that. This is the beginning of something, and that something is a future crime.  Read more!

New President ~ new immigration rules

New President and new rules. Forget what you know about immigration law as it is being re-written before our eyes. The bottom line is, if you're not a legal immigrant to the US, do what you can to make yourself legal. If you are a legal US immigrant but are accused of committing a crime, you could be in serious immigration trouble. Our advice is simple, read this latest blog posting and immediately contact an immigration attorney.

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