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If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in Whatcom County, Blaine DUI attorney David N. Jolly can make a significant difference in your case. People who are arrested for drunk driving often don’t know the full range of possible penalties they might face. In general, drunk driving laws have become increasing more strict over the past few decades and Whatcom County is particularly harsh toward DUI cases. It pays to be armed with as much knowledge about the process as you can be and no where is this more important than in Blaine.

So what’s the best way to fight a drunk driving charge? A Blaine DUI attorney can provide you with expert counsel and help you reach a conclusion you can live with. If you were arrested for a DUI, a Blaine DUI attorney with the Law Firm of David Jolly is ready to help you.

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An Arrest for DUI in Blaine may result in multiple sanctions

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There are also a number of more social stigmas that often come with an arrest for DUI in Washington. A Blaine DUI attorney understands that your reputation and time are valuable to you.  Some of the programs and conditions that come with a DUI arrest and possible conviction include an alcohol evaluation, an alcohol drug information school or alcohol / drug treatment if the organization deems you dependent,  DUI Victims’ Panel, and the installation of an ignition interlock device.  The Victims’ Panel is a group of people whose lives have been affected by drunk driving. It's imperative to participate in the programs and complete them prior to the resolution of your case if you wish to save the expense and inconvenience of being placed on supervised probation.  To discuss these programs and conditions in detail talk with a DUI lawyer in Blaine.

If you have had the unfortunate situation of being arrested for a crime in Whatcom County, please contact one of our 
Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys immediately.  We have more than 60 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system and David Jolly has authored more than 20 books on the subject of traffic laws and DUI.  We also care about you and the outcome of your case.  We offer free consultations in our Bellingham office so please call (360) 734-3847 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

​Do you really need to hire a Blaine DUI defense lawyer? The simple and most obvious answer is absolutely yes.  A DUI charge can come with many serious repercussions, including jail time, steep fines, and losing your driver's license. A Blaine DUI defense lawyer is vital when dealing with all of these penalties, and navigating the legal system. At The Law Firm of David Jolly our attorneys primary roles are in defending those accused of DUI and will help you stay informed of your options at every stage of the DUI process.

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There are a number of penalties that a judge can impose on a drunk driver in Blaine. A Blaine DUI attorney knows that there is no single, standard sentence. The sentencing varies highly between judges and circumstances. This is why we keep detailed records on the past decisions of all judges, as well as the personality of the arresting officers from past DUI cases. 

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The first court appearance following your arrest for DUI in Blaine is your arraignment. This is when you are formally charged with driving under the influence, and it's a good idea to retain a Whatcom County DUI defense lawyer before this date. Even when you enter a plea of Not Guilty at your arraignment the judge can impose a number of restrictions that will be in effect until your case has concluded. Your Blaine DUI defense lawyer will help you come through the arraignment feeling confident about the course your case will take. 


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Our Whatcom County criminal defense attorneys use this information to get a sense of the strategy that will be used against you before you even step into the courtroom. It also helps us know which penalties you are most likely facing.

Losing your license is one of the most common, and most problematic sentences in Blaine. Any Blaine DUI attorney has seen all too many people try to go it alone in the court system, only to end up losing their driver’s license. In Washington, the judge can order your license suspended but the state Department of Licensing can also do so in a hearing process separate from the court proceedings. Many people don’t know about or understand this two-pronged process, and it can be hard to face without a lawyer. Call our Blaine criminal defense attorneys immediately to schedule a free consultation to talk about your case and your options. ​

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One of the harshest penalties that comes with a DUI arrest is the possibility of driver license suspension.  Obviously such a sanction can have far reaching consequences.  A suspension of your driver's license may impact your ability to commute for work or may even have significant impact at work.  This is particularly the case if you drive for a living.  Saving your driver's license is of high priority to your DUI attorney.  Blaine Police Officers are instructed to give you the Department of Licensing Driver's Hearing request form but if they did not, please call our office and we will forward to you a copy of the document.  This document must be completed and forwarded to the DOL within 7 days of your arrest for DUI.

When you are facing the many consequences of a DUI arrest, it's important to keep everything in perspective.  While we naturally do not want any client to lose their license, the truth is that it does occasionally happen.  When it does it is important to be ready with an option to allow you to drive.  Our Whatcom County criminal defense lawyers will educate you about the option of a restrictive driver's license called the "ignition interlock license."  This license is easily obtained, although clearly inconvenient, and will allow you to driver during the suspension of your license.  You must however, install an ignition interlock device, obtain SR 22 insurance, and complete an application for the license.  To find out all the details about this license, call our office and speak to one of our criminal defense lawyers.  Whatcom County is not an easy place to defense any criminal charge but our DUI attorneys can help you if you are facing a DUI charge in Blaine, Washington.

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