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It is important to fight the charges against you and keep your record clean, and Skagit County, Washington DUI Lawyer David N. Jolly can help. The attorneys and staff at the Law Firm of David focus on DUI defense and have over 30 years of trial and legal experience.  Hiring a Skagit County criminal defense attorney from the firm could make a positive difference in the outcome of your case. For a free review of your case, call Anacortes DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer David N. Jolly at (360) 336-8722 or simply click on the "contact us" button at the top of the page. Emergency calls are answered 24 hours. 

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In Anacortes DUI cases, the accused will appear in court within days weeks of the arrest.  The only exception to this generalize rule is for drug DUIs or when the court is waiting for the results of a blood draw.  In such cases the person accused of DUI in Anacortes can expect to be notified of an arraignment several weeks following the arrest.  At the arraignment the Judge will advise the defendant of the charge, accept a plea of not guilty and give conditions of release to the person accused of DUI.  Having an experienced Anacortes DUI attorney by yourself is a must in this court.

We understand the importance of a good DUI defense attorney.  Anacortes Court is noted for their tough stance on driving under the influence cases and let us not forget, your whole future may be jeopardized if you select an inexperienced attorney or no representation at all. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney may mean all the difference in saving you jail time, penalties, and money. It is important to research attorneys to find the best. We believe we offer the best counsel and service and would look forward to assisting you with your case.

We have many resources on our website for your review. Skagit County DUI defense lawyer David N. Jolly has also published a number of books to help those charged understand the court process and implications of a DUI case or traffic charge. We work to achieve the best possible outcome, which is why we work aggressively on your behalf and communicate with you. Each case is different and has its own set of special circumstances that demand the best and most knowledgeable DUI defense attorney Anacortes has to offer. 
Anacortes DUI attorney David Jolly will fight aggressively and persistently for your rights. Contact us today to discuss your case and schedule a free consultation. We believe we have the best DUI lawyers in Skagit County so call us today!​

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David Jolly has been practicing DUI law in Washington for more than eighteen years. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University College of Law and was the graduating Valedictorian. While in law school he represented the school in national moot court competitions and founded the law school's largest student organization. His professional career started as a prosecuting attorney in Snohomish County, where he learned the basics of DUI practice and all of the tricks of the trade practiced by police officers and troopers.

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I know Mr. Jolly did very well by me in a complicated DUI case. I was scared and alarmed facing a criminal charge. Mr. Jolly had an excellent way of relating to me that made me feel assured that the situation was managed. It was a smart decision to hire him and he was able to negotiate a fair result. It could have been mayhem without Mr. Jolly's advice.

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Penalties for DUIs are very severe and show no signs of diminishing in severity. Anacortes DUI lawyer David N. Jolly has proven experience designing defense strategies which will minimize any penalties attached to your DUI charge.

In Washington, a first offense DUI conviction can include an automatic three month driver’s license suspension or up to two years for a “refusal” DUI (if you also lose the DOL hearing). Additional penalties can include monetary fines, alcohol treatment, and up to 364 days in jail.

If the accused has a prior DUI conviction the penalties increase. Some of the penalties for a repeat offender may include no less than 30 days of mandatory jail time, alcohol awareness classes, and a driver’s license suspension which can stretch for up to four years.

Anyone arrested with DUI in the state of Washington needs a qualified Anacortes DUI lawyer by their side in order to give themselves the best chance at receiving the most positive case outcome possible. Anacortes DUI lawyer David N. Jolly possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to get your charges either reduced or dismissed completely. For a free case consultation, call (360) 336-8722 to speak with Anacortes DUI lawyer David N. Jolly today.


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Under Washington DUI laws, your driver's license will be suspended if you are arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.  The duration depends on your blood alcohol content, age, number of previous driving drunk convictions and whether you submitted to a breath test or not.  You can however, keep driving until or unless the Department actually suspends your driving privilege.

Importantly, you have the right to challenge the suspension of your license. To do so you must file a Department of Licensing Hearing Request form within twenty days of your arrest. The Hearing process is not held in a courtroom though it does include presentation of evidence gathered by police. You stand a better chance of retaining your driving privileges with legal counsel. Skagit County DUI Attorney David N. Jolly can help you schedule a hearing and represent you at the proceedings. Time is critical though if you want to keep your license, so contact him now.

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Selecting an attorney to provide drunk driving defense is a very important decision. Not all attorneys practice criminal law or they have limited experience with Washington DUI. Do not leave your future to chance. Anacortes, Washington DUI Lawyer David Jolly will aggressively defend you against charges of DUI in Washington. He has a reputation for providing superior legal representation and excellent personal service.

David Jolly is one of the more experienced criminal law attorneys in the Anacortes area. He will protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome for you during every phase of your case. That includes representing you during a special hearing with the Department of Licensing in an effort to help save your driving privileges. While building a criminal defense, he will file motions to suppress evidence, challenge the prosecutor’s case, question police procedure and, in a move that distinguishes his efforts from many other law firms, prepare for jury trial starting from day one.


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The Law Firm of David N. Jolly are a team of dedicated Anacortes DUI lawyers who handle DUI  and drunk driving cases in Skagit County, Washington and all of Anacortes. If you have been arrested please call our office to speak with an Anacortes DUI Attorney.  A drinking and driving offense in Washington is most commonly referred to as a DUI, or Driving Under the Influence. A Washington DUI could have potentially life changing consequences, and you may be wondering what to do next or how to fight the charge.

To receive help with your case and answers to your questions, contact Anacortes, Washington DUI Attorney David N. Jolly. He is an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights and seek dismissal or reduction of your DUI.

Being arrested for DUI in Anacortes poses many legal and financial obstacles. For even a first offense for drunk driving you will be facing jail time, substantial fines, increased auto insurance rates and loss of license. The penalties increase with each additional DUI arrest.

Being found guilty of drinking and driving in Washington will result in a criminal record. That could make finding or keeping a job difficult. Recent data sharing agreements with the US has allowed Canada to more strictly enforce its policy of denying entry to anyone with a criminal record. It does not matter what type of crime or when it occurred.


Here is where we render our first warning.  The prosecuting attorney for Anacortes is noted to be very tough and often unwilling to compromise.  Do not expect sympathy and do expect a very cold hearted approach.  If your BAC was over 0.15 or if there was an accident you can expect the City to request you be taken into custody or given very strict conditions of release.  If this is not your first charge of DUI, you can expect conditions to be even worse.  You can further expect the Judge to be inflexible and issue conditions or release that would not be issued in other courts.  This is why you need an experienced Anacortes DUI attorney from the very beginning. As Anacortes  DUI attorneys it is our job to examine the police reports, investigate the  field sobriety tests, and of course the validity of the DUI breath test, blood draw, or refusal of either. There are many procedures and policies that must be followed and we understand that the failure to follow such procedures may render results inadmissible at trial, therefore giving your case a better chance of dismissal or an amendment.

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