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Finally, when facing a serious charged such as driving under the influence you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney available. Washington State DUI lawyer David N. Jolly is an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who provides his clients with top-notch legal representation designed to make a positive and dramatic difference in the outcome of their case. He has experience navigating the complex court system, and he is knowledgeable about complicated Washington drunk driving laws. By combining this knowledge with his familiarity of recent drunk driving rulings and defense strategies, DUI lawyer David N. Jolly is able to provide each of his clients with a personal, effective, drunk driving defense.  For the convenience of his clients the Firm operates a law office in downtown Everett, Snohomish County and Bellingham, Whatcom County. Both offices are conveniently located next to their respective courts.

If you have been charged with DUI in Snohomish County, Skagit County, Island County or Whatcom County, call
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If you are arrested for DUI in Skagit County you can expect to appear in court the very next business day.  In Skagit County this first court appearance is called a preliminary hearing.  Two weeks later your arraignment will occur and you will be expected to appear at that date also.  This is true of every court in Skagit County including Skagit County District Court, Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Burlington and Sedro Woolley municipal courts.  Facing a charge for driving under the influence in Skagit County is not something you should do alone.  The prosecuting attorneys have strict instructions to convict and punish, regardless of your previously clean history.  The harsh reality is that you need a defense attorney to protect you and your rights in court.  You have no time to waste in getting good advice from a DUI lawyer in Skagit County. Contact one of the Skagit County DUI attorneys at our office for a free consultation.

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Island County includes Whidbey Island and Camano Island and the county as a whole is considered a difficult place to fight a DUI charge.  The prosecuting attorneys in the county are particularly well trained and more experienced than their counter parts in neighboring counties.  Following your arrest for DUI in Island County you can expect to appear in court the very next business day leaving you little time to contact a knowledgeable lawyer.  If you are facing such a dilemma you have come to the right place.  Our DUI lawyers have many years of experience in all Island County courts and are knowledgeable on what it takes to beat the charge and keep you out of jail.  If you have been arrested do not hesitate to contact one of our aggressive Island County DUI attorneys today. Contact one of our Island County DUI attorneys for help immediately.


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If you have been charged with a DUI in Western Washington, most particularly in Snohomish County, Whatcom County, Skagit County, or Island County, please call one of our Washington State DUI attorneys today.  We have appeared in every District and Municipal court from Tacoma to Bellingham and understand exactly what it takes to successfully defend our clients when faced with a driving under the influence charge.  We are responsive and dedicated to the best results for our clients and are ready to meet in either our Snohomish County law office in Everett or our Whatcom County law office in Bellingham. 

Contact our Washington State DUI attorneys today for a free consultation.  Also, in 2016 look for a series of helpful videos that explain the entire DUI process including how to deal with court, the Department of Licensing and related driving issues and the entire alcohol evaluation process and why it is so important.

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Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) is an incredibly important case in criminal defense. In the Terry case the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures is not violated when an officer has reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime - the officer must provide specific and articulable facts to support.

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The criminal defense attorneys and staff at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have more than 30 years of DUI and Traffic Ticket legal experience.  Over the years our clients have shared with us why they decided to retain our services.  The reasons given were that our clients truly believed that hiring our DUI Law Firm gave them the very best chance at getting their DUI or Traffic Ticket dismissed in Bellingham. Additionally, we offer the best service of any local Law Firm and make it a priority to put our clients and their needs first. Finally, we also offer criminal defense to those charged with crimes other than DUI, including assault, suspended licenses, reckless driving, negligent driving, malicious mischief, Marijuana DUIs and theft.

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Following your arrest for DUI in Whatcom County you will likely be released directly to the Whatcom County Jail.  This should be an indication of how seriously law enforcement and prosecutors take any DUI in Bellingham. To add insult to injury, upon release from jail you will receive a summons indicating a court date within a day or two of the arrest.  Because you will be required to appear in court and face a Judge almost immediately following your arrest it is imperative you contact a Bellingham DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.  Our Bellingham DUI law office is located in downtown Bellingham next to Whatcom County District Court and only 2 blocks from Bellingham Municipal Court. For information on your case and help immediately, contact our Whatcom County DUI attorneys.

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Following your DUI arrest you may have many questions and many more concerns.  Certain counties in Western Washington, such as Whatcom, Skagit and Island require the person charged with DUI to appear in court immediately following the arrest.  Many more cities, such as Bellingham, Everett, Marysville, Lynnwood, Bothell, and Mount Vernon, to name only a few, demand the defendant appear in court only days after the arrest.  If you find yourself in this situation you must consult with a DUI attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and build a defense.  The Washington State DUI lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are available day and night to take your call and will respond to messages and emails on the same day.  We recognize that following an arrest you are scared and in need of information and help.

If you have been cited with a crime, you want to work with the best DUI law attorneys possible. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly boasts some of the most experienced DUI defense attorneys in Snohomish, Skagit, Island and Whatcom Counties. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our legal team has what it takes to represent your DUI or criminal case. Contact us and immediately be connected to one of criminal defense lawyers at either our Everett or Bellingham offices.

The outcome of your case could have a huge impact on your future. Being cited with a drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is a very serious matter. DUI citations could mean having your license suspended or even a jail sentence. Our goal is to fight for your rights and work for the best possible outcome for your case. That is why so many choose our DUI law firm. Bellingham and Everett drivers alike trust our legal team to provide aggressive representation and defend their rights. We try to minimize the penalties assessed so you can maintain your freedom.  Our goal is simple, work hard to get the very best outcome in every case.

We represent people who have been arrested for driving under the influence because we understand that good people sometimes make mistakes. These decisions may lead to a DUI citation and the need for quality representation.  The Law Firm of David Jolly has offices in both Snohomish and Whatcom County and are available 24/7 to provide complimentary legal advice.  Those drivers who find they are facing a DUI charge can receive affordable and superior legal representation from our firm. Never fight a DUI case on your own and do not settle for just any legal counsel. You have the right to an attorney so take advantage of one of Washington’s most successful criminal defense teams. 

We build relationships with our clients and strive to offer the best customer service available. We understand your needs and provide solid legal counsel to help you defend your rights. Our clients are important to us; that is why so many choose our DUI defense to represent them. Our experienced defense attorneys are ready to help you with your case. Our criminal defense associates know the law and keep up to date on any changes that may affect your case. We believe in communicating with our clients. We will help you understand the legal process and the traffic laws. Our DUI defense lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly can make recommendations and help you determine what is best for your situation. Call us now.

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David Jolly is a great lawyer who is well educated in his specialty and backed by a professional and hard working staff. I can not say enough good things about my experience with every member of his team.

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The Washington DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly pride themselves in getting the best results possible for their clients.  Our attorneys and staff have more than 30 years of experience in Washington State courts and have handled thousands of cases to successful outcomes.  David Jolly is the author of 14 DUI and Traffic books and has a reputation in court as being a tough, knowledgeable and aggressive litigator.  We have two offices in Western Washington, in Everett and Bellingham, and represent clients in all courts in Snohomish, Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties.  We offer complimentary consultations and a free DUI book which is available and downloadable from this website.  In addition to our DUI focus, we also represent those charged with criminal misdemeanors and traffic tickets. For updates on new Washington DUI Laws for 2016 see below as many of these updates may apply directly to you.  Call us today for a free consultation. 

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We understand that being arrested for driving under the influence was not planned.  We equally understand that hiring an attorney to fight your DUI was not budgeted for.  In some instances, namely Whatcom County, Skagit County and Island County you will find yourself in court immediately following your DUI arrest and in need of a lawyer right away.  The same is true for many cities including Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Anacortes, Everett, Lynnwood, and Marysville, to name only a few.  Knowing this we offer different payment plans and fees for all cases.  We can keep our fees low by not charging our clients for services they do not need. While a Jury Trial is always possible, the truth is that most defendants charged with driving under the influence never go to a trial, therefore we only charge for trial if it is needed. Similarly, most clients never need the services of an expensive expert in cases, as a result we never charge for experts unless they are necessary.  Further, we have set our retainers relatively low so to make us more affordable than comparable attorneys.  All the while our clients can expect top quality legal representation but for reasonable fees.  If you want the best DUI attorney at a price most people can actually afford please contact our office today to speak to one of our experienced Washington State DUI attorneys.

We have made our name and reputation with defending thousands of individuals charged with driving under the influence but by no means is this the only of law that we handle.  
We accept all Whatcom County traffic infraction matters, including speeding tickets and all moving violations. We provide affordable, legal counsel to the people who need it most. Complimentary consultations are offered so you are able to consult with one of our experienced attorneys to ensure the service we provide is right for you and your case.  We also provide something that no other DUI attorney can, a free DUI book, for Snohomish County, Whatcom County, Skagit County and Island County.

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The New Year brings with it new hope, new resolutions and of course, and as always, new updates to Washington State DUI laws.  Some of the new DUI laws in Washington have been in effect for nearly a year but the Courts, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement are still adapting to these changes.  The following is a reminder of the new Washington DUI Laws enacted in the State during the past several months.  As always, if you have been arrested for DUI call our Everett DUI attorneys at (425) 493-1115 or our Bellingham DUI attorneys at (360) 293-2275.

  • Ignition Interlocks:  As a condition of release from custody before arraignment or trial, a defendant who has a prior DUI, Physical Control, vehicular homicide, or vehicular assault offense must be ordered to have a functioning IID installed with proof filed with the court within five business days of the date of release, or comply with the 24/7 Sobriety monitoring program, or both; 
  • Sentencing:  No part of a DUI sentence can be deferred (this is only for deferred sentences, not deferred prosecutions);
  • DUI with a Child in the Vehicle:  If a person is convicted of DUI or Physical Control and the offense was committed while a passenger under the age of 16 was in the vehicle, additional incarceration must be ordered as:

               - 24 hours if the person has no prior offenses;
               - five days if the person has one prior offense within seven years; and
               - ten days if the person has two or three prior offenses within seven years;

  • Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road:  When setting penalties for DUI and Physical Control offenses, the court must particularly consider whether during the commission of the offense, the defendant was driving in the opposite direction of the normal flow of traffic on a multiple-lane highway with a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour or greater;
  • Civil Forfeiture:  The court must consider whether a vehicle is subject to forfeiture in DUI, Physical Control, and ignition interlock violation cases if a forfeiture has not already occurred;
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL):  A person is disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle for a minimum of one year if a report is received by DOL that the person was convicted of driving a motor vehicle with any measurable amount of THC in the person's system. Law enforcement must also issue an out-of-service order against a person who drives or is in physical control of a commercial vehicle while having THC in the person's system;
  • Operating an Employer's Vehicle:  The DOL may not waive and no employer may exempt an ignition interlock requirement within the first 30 days following installation of an IID after a first offense or for the first 365 days after an IID has been installed for second or subsequent convictions;
  • Statewide 24/7 Sobriety Program: The statewide 24/7 sobriety program pilot project is established and administered by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC), effective January 1, 2014.  Snohomish County has recently discontinued their program and are now referring to outside sources and companies.  Most believe this is a good change.
  • Marijuana and THC:  Marijuana and THC are added to a number of statutes dealing with DUI, Physical Control, and negligent driving (effective 2013).  David Jolly's book, The Marijuana DUI Handbook addresses the marijuana DUI and is the first of its kind in the United States;
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations:  DSM V came out in 2013 which has significantly changed evaluations - read more about the many changes to DUI alcohol and drug evaluations in our website.
  • Bail:  In 2015 Snohomish County Judges have been more inclined to grant the request of local prosecutors and impose bail on an individual charged with DUI in Snohomish County if they have a prior driving under the influence charge.  Be prepared in advance and have a DUI lawyer present with you if you have a prior arrest.
  • Probation:  Whatcom County DUI cases typically result in the defendant being placed on active probation at its conclusion. This is frustrating due to the inconvenience and cost.  However, it is the reality of a DUI in Whatcom County. If an individual is charged with DUI in Skagit County or Whatcom County and they have a prior DUI arrest, it is the practice of both courts to place the individual on active probation immediately.  This is called "pretrial probation" and costs $150.  If this happens be sure to comply with probation's requests and the Court order at arraignment.
  • New Judges:  In Snohomish County 2015 welcomed many changes.  Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the message.  South Division Court welcomes Judge Fair, Everett Division welcomes Judge Howard, and Cascade Division welcome Judge Olbrechts and Commissioner Leo.  In Snohomish County it helps the accused to have an attorney who is familiar with these new Judges and their prior practices.  Snohomish County DUI attorney David Jolly has known these new Judges for many years and is familiar with their practices, policies and procedures.
  • New BAC Machine:  Finally the new BAC breath test machine, the Draeger Alcotest 9510, is up and running and in BAC offices near you.  The first active Draeger Alcotest machine found its way into Whatcom County but now Snohomish County and Skagit County have the new, and apparently more accurate, breath test machine.  This will undoubtedly result in more litigation and additional work for courts, prosecutors and defense attorneys.  Interestingly, the old and less accurate machines, are still being used everywhere!
  • Blood Draws: In 2016, Snohomish County DUI cases can expect an increase in the number of search warrants for blood as State prosecutors and law enforcement grow increasingly concerned over the admissibility of breath tests.
  • Felony DUI: A Bill in Washington State proposes to make a fourth DUI in 10 years a felony - this Bill has received preliminary approval and will become law in 2016.

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The State of Washington is renowned for being tough on drunk drivers.  The penalties in this state are some of the strictest in the entire country.  Washington State enacted the first marijuana DUI law that specifically made it illegal to drive with 5 or more nanograms in the body.  The State legislature is now talking about lowering the blood alcohol concentration level from 0.080 to 0.050.  As you would expect, law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys and Judges are taking DUIs more seriously than ever and acting in accordance with the wishes of State of Washington politicians.  If you have been arrested for driving under the influence it is more important than ever to retain a qualified and experienced Washington DUI attorney.

Jail is a horrible concept but unfortunately the reality in many instances. It is important to know as much as possible ahead of time. Check out our page dedicated to Snohomish County Jail and the Work Release Program. Read More

DUIs are taken very seriously by law enforcement in Snohomish County.  Some of the most experienced and well trained prosecuting attorneys are located in Snohomish County and as a result every DUI charge is a battle.  If you have been arrested for DUI in Snohomish County and the arresting officer was a Trooper or Sheriff you can expect a summons notifying you of a court date in approximately one month.  If you were arrested by a local city officer in Everett, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mukilteo, Bothell, Mill Creek or Edmonds, you can expect to appear in court immediately.  Our Everett law office is conveniently located near the Snohomish County District Court and Everett Municipal Court.  If you are charged with DUI, we are the Snohomish County DUI attorneys to call.  Call our Everett DUI attorneys today for a free consultation.